Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time is unreal here in the MTC


This week has gone by SOOOO exremely fast. I swear time is unreal here in the MTC. Truly, it's like Dejavu sitting here writing everyone. I guess that's what happens when your having FUN;) Ha ha!  jk It's because I'm workin' my tail off and all the days just feel like one huge day. It's crazy. Holy cow! It's been a crazy fast week! Like it's insane!! 

Anyway, Dad, I really enjoyed your letter that came with my suit and thank you so much for itz!!! I think there might be one little sticky thing in the suit but I've only felt it once so don't stress about it...yet;) I'll let you know if it gets worse but I only felt it once so I think it will be okay. I haven't felt it since! 

 I am Sooo good!!! the tempple this morning was amazing and the morning has been great!!

No, District and Zone leaders do not have a set time that they serve, they pray and receive and answer and then they change them. I think they will pick another one this week.  Yeah, I'm getting along great with the Elders!! Everyday we all seem to be getting a stronger relationship with each other so that's great! We all leave around the same time. Elder Smith and Elder Sisson are going to Bia blanca Argentina so we'll be on the same flight! :) and two of the Sisters as well. One Bia Blanca and one Cordoba. Every missionary in our zone is super cool! I love them! It is going to be a sad day when I have to say goodbye to them in three weeks! Oh well, time to make some new friends!

The best part of my week?......…hmmmmm…. My teacher Hermana Toleafoa totally smuggled  in some Taco Bell for all of us last night! Ha ha! That was totally the best part!! Also, We had four lessons in Spanish yesterday and my 'tongue was loosed' you might say, ha ha,  it was great it was another experience where I just opened my mouth and I started to say things that I didn't even know I could!!! It was amazing. Today we have another devotional with a General Authority so that's pretty exciting! I really hope it's with one of the Twelve!

Like I said before, I don't expect to get blessings for doing this but it seriously suprises me how loving Heavenly Father really is. It's like everything I've specifically prayed for I get an email the next day telling me about it and I just see how my prayers are answered and I know that God is there watching over us. 

I know I heard that Alexa went to the temple and that her farewell is coming up in April! It's crazy! Time has seriously flown by!  

Yeah. the food here is pretty nast, but hey, it's food!! Ha ha!  and it issss.....fattening but, I'm running a mile everyday so I'm staying at 160 lbs.

No I have not heard anything about my Visa. We actually went to the travel office and asked them about it. They said we won't know anything until like ten days in advance. But, I don't think anything is wrong with it because a Hermana in my district got something in the mail telling her to talk to the travel office people so I think Im okay because I haven't gotten anything like that yet...I hope.

Oh my goodness thank you so much mom like seriously! You have know Idea how grateful I am for everything you do. Mom, you have no idea how great that made me feel. I love you so so much.

Oh! and Mom I forgot to say sorry that you were feeling sick! :/ Im sorry! :( But im glad you are feeling much better it sounds like! When you made that comment about you and socks hacking up and walking around the house I seriously laughed so hard!! haha:) 

Ummmm.... I do want to ask you a favor. I have been slacking at emailing Ben and Trev. Can you maybe forward some things that you think they'll like? Maybe some of my letters and  some photos. 

But, anyway. So there have been a lot of great things this week but it's mainly just the usual. I'm progressing in the language and I can definitely feel the Spirit pushing me through this. I know that the Savior is with me throughout this journey and I am so blessed to have a testimony of that. One experience yesterday actually. Me and Elder Bunnell had to teach member lessons in Spanish. I love doing that because we all get to share each of our testimonies with each other and the Spirit is always so strong. Anyway, at the end of the lesson I just had a feeling to Invite the members to share that Testimony with at least one non member this week. I have no idea why I did that but I know it was the Spirit speaking through me. It wasn't even a part of the lesson but I know when I said It it was the right thing to say. Anyway, I'm loving it here in the MTC. I do sometimes get homesick but I always have Heavenly Father to talk to. He has blessed me with such great and loving friends in the MTC and I know they are here to help me through this:) I love all of you guys and miss you more than anything! Thank you for your support and love. At this moment I feel impressed to extend that invitation I made with those members to all of you. Share your testimony to someone not of our faith or, anyone you feel is in need. I know you can change lives. Your testimony is a great tool and should be used throughout your life. As you share your testimony, it grows. I can testify of that. I have to go now but I will be reading your letters and I will write you next week and maybe some more hand written ones :) tell Dad I'm so sorry that I didn't reply to his e mail. I will write him a hand written one this week.  Tell him I love him so much! I ove you guys! Have fun this weekend!!! Have questions in mind during general conference and you WILL  get an answer! 

Thank you all for being so great to me! I love all of your letters and goodies;) I love you all! I'll talk to you next week!

Love Elder (Jugo) Welch CYA!:) 


Send some pictures and keep the letters coming. It fuels me to keep going. So the opposite of making me homesick:) Ha ha! As a matter of fact you should all just send me a Dear Elder letter today haha:) so I can read more :) All I have left to do is the devotional and study and gym. We already did laundry and stuff. So I would love some letters!  And I sent a few photos for you. 

The Elder sitting by me is  Elder Rojas. He's in my zone. He's from California and plays basketball. I just played with him yesterday actually. He is a super great missionary too! 

Thank you so much for the goodies mom:) haha!!! Now we have a drawer chuck full of amazing green food:) We love it! 

The background story on this one is that one of the Elders was having a pretty rough day, so we all just did that and acted goofy and It cheered him up right quick! 
And we also had A Taco Bell night…that helped us all out :)

Mom, This flower is huge. They are all over a tree here and I love it!
Thought you would too! 

Also, just another Temple walk with good ol Elder Bunnell!
And yes, I did see Amanda Sprunt!
I loved it! It didn't feel real ha ha! 

This is where I just was.
We had a little picnic with our district and a couple of Hermanas from our zone. 

It was a wonderful day outside today. 

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