Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Murdock

The final packing

It is nice to have big brothers to show you the ropes!

Saying goodbye to home for 2 years

Saying goodbye to Grandma Ginger

No caption needed…..

That moment when you realize that you forgot to set your new watch ahead an hour.

That moment when you realize that because you did not set your  new watch ahead an hour you have one hour less with your family than you thought. 

Thank you to the Aunties for helping Taylor get ready to go. They are always willing to give and help.

I wonder if she knows that true superheroes don't wear capes but wear suits and tags that say "Elder"

Aunt Lori about took out the curb and three cars in her hurry to say goodbye to  Tay. He was so happy that she made it. It made his day. We have such good Aunties. 


Hugs to last 2 years. 

How lucky Taylor is to have two brothers that have paved the way for him.  Even in his final hug goodbye Bryan is whispering advice in his ear. 

Is is hard parting ways for best buddies. 


More last words of advice.

Goodbyes….well……they really stink!

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