Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Life is GOOD!

Hey everyone!!

I'm absolutely LOVING it here at the MTC! Mom, you were right as usual ;) I do love it here. I  have my rough spots here and there, occasionally some hard spots of the day but, that is completely normal for every missionary. I say a prayer and I always feel so much better :) The first night night was a little weird but it's actually feeling like home which is also weird ha ha but I love it!  ….I do miss you guys like a lot though... but I pray for strength every time and I forget myself and go to work!:) 

There have been so many things that have happened that I don't even know where to begin!!! ha ha pero, I can tell you all that this IS INDEED where I am supposed to be! To everyone who has sent me a dear elder yes, I have been getting them(Syd;) ) I look forward to every lunch and dinner when I get delivered my mail. Thank you guys for all of the support and love. I want to ask you guys a favor to pray for me, my companion and my district for the gift of tongues. I know it is a very simple and obvious thing but, there is power in numbers:) 

Anyway, My companions name is Elder Bunnel. He is from Seattle Washington and he is amazing. I think he is like 20. He's going to Australia Spanish Speaking! Ha ha! I know right??? Crazy! No, not all of the Elders and Hermanas in my group are going to Cordoba. Two of the Elders in our district are going to Bia Blanca along with one of the Hermanas and two of the Hermanas are going to Cordoba! One of them will be my medical missionary Hermana out in the field which is pretty cool! Overall, our district is very close. We all love each other and it's only the sixth day!! It's going to be hard to say goodbye to all of them!

I wish I had more time to tell you all of the experiences I've had... but it's okay that  I'm not saying much, I'm going to send you hand written letters for more of the details. 

We went to the temple this morning and it was amazing! But, I didn't see Grandma and Grandpa Murdock. Mom,  my favorite part of this week was probably the temple walk on Sunday where we all just walk to the temple and around it for about an hour as a zone...and going in the temple this morning. I just love getting out of the MTC because sometimes it feels like a prison. My teacher told a joke. What is the difference between a prison and the MTC? .....In prison you get visitors. Ha ha ha!  We all laughed super hard. But, the MTC is FAR from a prison and I love it. The (other) best thing of the week was probably Sunday when we took the sacrament and then we watched the "Character of Christ" video from Elder Bednar! It was AMAZING. It was the best talk I have ever heard. It was about how we need to turn Outward like Christ in every situation even the worst of situations. Instead of inward and I quote, "don't be like the Cookie Monster" ha ha haI! It was amazing! I think you can only watch it in the MTC but It was seriously amazing!

To answer every one's question we get to have gym everyday but Sunday and Tuesday. Pero, the field is closed until next month ha ha. So for now we have the gym and the track. The food is....fattening but good so I'm trying to run it off every day and eat as healthy as I can. 

So, this week we've been teaching this girl named Elizabeth in completely Spanish! It is crazy how we seriously just get thrown straight into the deep end the first day you get here. Anyway, Elizabeth (I think) is a member because the MTC asks for volunteers for the missionaries to practice teaching. But, we need to treat them like they are real investigators. Let me tell you it is most definitely a humbling thing when you know exactly what you want to say but you can't say it because…. well....I'm still learning the language;) But, yesterday me and Elder Bunnell asked Elizebeth to pray at the end of the lesson and it was one of the most spiritual moments ever!! Anyway, there are so many great experiences and I seriously can't wait to actually be doing this for real. I love this gospel and I love my Savior. I know that what I'm doing is what I'm supposed to be doing. I Was thinking the other day that when somebody goes on a mission there is nothing that could happen but great things. If you go on a mission nothing else matters because you are in the Lords hands and He WILL take care of you no matter what happens in the end, if you do what is right and you are faithful and you work your hardest, everything will work out in the way God wants it to work out. 

I love you all so so much and thank you for everything you do for me. I am doing great here and you don't have to worry about me. I am on The Lords side, I am enlisted in His army and I AM safe.  I am doing great! I love it and my life is pretty good!

Mom, I need my suit coat hanger and my oil thing. I also need like slippers (they would be great!) and flip flops because I don't think they got packed!! I should probably go, I love all of you so much and I'll talk to you in a week! Thank you for everything!! I hope I didn't forget anything that I need. OHz! maybe some tide pods? Thank you so much:) cya!!:)

Con Amor

Elder (Jugo) Welch :)

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