Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The days are long but the weeks are short….

Cordoba Argentina…..I can't wait to meet ya!


It is spring at the MTC 
A Sunday visit with Elder Jugo…..

Hey mom!!! And everyone else!! 

Wow, where to begin! This week has seriously gone by sooo so fast. I never understood the phrase, "The days are long but the weeks are short." Well, I can testify that that is true. 

I have had so many great experiences this week!Two days ago Elder Bunnell and I taught three people in Spanish. The first lesson didn't really go too well for me because Elder Bunnell did most of the talking however, Hermano Humbert (my teacher) evaluated us on a camera and told me after what I needed to improve on which was obviously talking more. He said, "Elder Welch, you know more than you think you do." That really made me think. So, I prayed before the other two for confidence in myself and speaking the language. So, we went in and it was like I spoke it fluently. I know that the spirit was working through me and with me. It truly was a miracle and I truly can feel each one of your prayers. Thank you all so so much for all that you so for me. I couldn't do this without you. In one our devotionals Elder Clarke of the Seventy told us how as missionaries we must involve our families and friends in our mission. That is a huge part of them receiving the blessings. I know that this is true. I only have a short amount of time when talking to you all but I hope and try to involve all of you. We are all in this together and I love you all for doing your part.

Another thing is that we had an investigator which was our first person we taught in Spanish like the third day we were here. Her name was Elizabeth.  Elder Bunnell and I taught her about four times. The lessons were full of the Spirit and it helped us a ton, however, one day she didn't show up. She finally showed up like ten minutes later only she wasn't Elizabeth, she was Hermana Toleafoa!!! She proceeded to tell us how she was going to be our teacher for the rest of the time we're in the MTC. It seriously blew all of our minds!!! Ha ha! It's amazing! She is the best teacher ever! I love the way they do things at the MTC:)

 Everyday I am here my testimony of this gospel strengthens. Especially in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love that, (if we are obedient in all of Gods Commandments) miracles can happen. God IS a loving Heavenly Father and He loves you. There is no doubt in my mind that this is true. I am so grateful that I was raised in this church. I want to commit you all to never take what we have for granted. The atonement of Jesus Christ is Real. Jesus Christ is not waiting at the finish line for you. He is running the race WITH you. I can feel Him in my life everyday. I know that if you look for Him and reach for Him, He will be there. I love you all! And I am doing so so great!  And I'm not just saying that mom:) I am doing SoOOOO good. I do get a little homesick sometimes like you said but It really isn't bad. I love it here truly! It gets better every single day and the language is coming along great:)  

Yeah, Bobby Monson came and sat and talked to our zone for about an hour telling stories about him and Bob Bills. Ha ha! That man is an amazing man! He has a powerful spirit about him. Anyway, yeah! He totally was wearing skinny jeans and a bow tie with that suit jacket in! Ha ha! How funny is that?? OHH! and another funny story! About an hour ago I totally ran into Grandma And Grandpa Murdock at the temple!!! Ha ha ha! It was the best thing ever!! I just ran into them coming out of the temple, shook Grandpa's hand and introduced him to my companion! It was crazy! It was waaay good!

Oh my gosh! My Saint Patrick's Day box made my week!! It was amazing! I was NOT expecting that! It's all in a drawer now and it's amazing!  Thank you so so much! Oh and Happy St. Paddys Day to you too.  

And ushering was alright I guess, I missed choir for it though, so that kinda sucked. But tonight I'll be singing in the choir and every Tuesday night till I'm out so that's awesome!

And yes I found my flip flops!!! Ha ha:) what would I ever do without you?;)

So this cool thing just happened this kid from Cordoba came up and bore his testimony in English to us! it was amazing and powerful! His English was amazing too!I Cannot wait until I'm out in the field Mom you have no idea. 

I just want to say a couple more things. First, I want every single one of you two watch "His Grace Is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. It's on BYU speeches and it is amazing. Here is a link to the Brad Wilcox talk that Taylor asked us all to listen to.Second, for some reason I have felt compelled to tell you to make sure our 72 hour kits are prepared and ready to go. Like I said, I have no real reason on why I say that, it has just been on my mind.

A little more about my week. My favorite part of my week has definitely been watching myself improve in the language through the help of the Spirit. That lesson I told you about that I was speaking very well in? Well, the evaluation was amazing from Hermana Toleafoa. She was seriously super happy to see how far me and Elder Bunnell have come. So that lesson was supposed to be just us teaching a member out in the field. So, she was a member who gave feedback on how we did. She told Hermana Toleafoa that she was so impressed at how well me and Elder Bunnell could understand what she was saying and how well we could understand what we were saying to each other. But seriously though, I can feel your prayers, they are not going unnoticed. In that lesson I could feel the spirit so strongly. There is nothing more amazing than teaching the Gospel to others. We taught about the importance of families in that lesson. We talked about how Satan is focused on destroying the family and the only way to be saved from that is to love each other, pray together, go to church, read the Scriptures, and teach your family constantly what the Lord would have you teach. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family. I am so lucky to be with each of you for forever and all eternity. How sweet it sounds to be able to say those words. I love this you guys. I love this gospel. I pray for each one of you every night. I pray that each of your testimonies will grow everyday. I encourage you to never forget who you are and how your Heavenly Father sees you. He loves you. He loves you more than you can even imagine and like I said in my farewell talk. You are never alone. I love being on this mission and I love the MTC.  I have made a lot of good friends and I don't want to see the day when we have to part at the airport. But, I know that we will meet at Jesus' feet again someday. Every time a missionary leaves our zone we sing that song. "Until we meet again." o "Para siempre Dios Usted Con Vos.". I know this is true. I will see each of these people again. I love you all and I know you'll have a great week. :) I will be working my tail off as usual but, I will always be having fun:) so don't worry about me, I am in the best hands you could possibly want. I am safe and I can't wait until I'm out in the field!  I'll talk to you all next week! 

I have to go now mom, I'm sorry I don't write that much, Its seriously impossible I love you and I'll keep writing your letters! 

I love you all!

Con Amor, Elder Welch (Jugo)

P.S.  I love you so much and thank you for the St. Paddy's Surprise! 

Oh, and could you maybe send a few more hangers and a two suit coat hangers?  thanks!! I love you so so much! :)


Oh man the good ole' exploder, ha ha! I just want you to know that every time I get one of your emails I get strengthened like no other. I love your letters so much! That is great to hear about the kitchen and the clock! Ha ha! That clock hasn't worked since we bought it. But anyway, I only have like a minute so I'll just say that I think that is a fantastic idea to Skype on mothers day and practice Abby's next lines for her play, to do the Juice and Anna thing again. ja ja. Yeah, mom told me that story. I want you to know that I prayed specifically for you financially and the very next day mom told me about the payments. I almost cried. It was just more proof that this is what I'm supposed to be doing and that God does love us and He does bless us. I love you so much Dad! Anyway, the language is coming great and I can feel your prayers and support. You are seriously the best dad in the entire heavens and I could not have asked for better. I am proud to call you my dad and be your son. You are the greatest example to me and I love you so much for everything you have done for me. I will write you next week! I love you so much! Tell Abby to write me!!!! Have a great week and have fun at work! Ha ha! :) Goodbye dad. 

Love your son, Elder Welch

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