Monday, May 18, 2015

Such a Special Experience

This week has been fast always. My companion has been sick with the same crap that I had. So that sucks. However, it doesn't mean there hasn't been great things! :) Those investigators that I told you guys about last week that came with us to the Stake Conference are progressing pretty well. They are doing great! The only thing is that they are having trouble with changing from Catholic traditions. However, they know that what we are teaching is true. They´ve told us they know. They have been reading the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets we have been giving them. Both of them said that they had dreams about us and our religion and they said they are feeling things that they have never felt before in their lives. We explained to them that it is the Holy Ghost testifying that what we are teaching them is true. They are amazing people guys and I want nothing more than for them to except this gospel. So, please pray and fast for them to have a desire and be willing to do whatever it takes in order to gain a testimony in this gospel and ultimately get baptized. Oh!!! and their names are ________(twenty four single with an hijo) and ______ (the mother)  Also, please pray for me to progress in this language. I have seen a lot of progress in this last week and I thank you for your prayers and fasting. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and for the Gift of Tongues.
In other news..haha;) Elder Rivera and I have a stinking baptism on the twenty forth for a nine year old girl named Belen! We´ve been working with her since I've been here. All of her family are members (converts) and she was the only one not baptized that is of age. So, anyway. I have my first for sure baptism!! Wooohoo!
Yesterday was the temple dedication! was AMAZING. We watched it in our Stake Center. Elder D Todd Christopherson spoke in Spanish and it was such a special experience. (His Spanish is so good) Also, President Uchtdorf was there. He had an Argentine translate for him. It was amazing. We went to two sessions. The 9 o clock and the 3 o clock. One thing I want to share is this. President Uchtdorf talked about how we all must have our goals set on the temple. Our eyes need to be fixed on the temple always and we must always have a temple recommend. If we do this, if we have in our possession always a temple recommend and live worthily of it, we cannot falter. A temple recommend shows to our Lord and Savior that we are living our life how he would have us live it. It is proof that we are doing what is right. I loved his talk yesterday. It's that simple. If there are those who do not have a recommend. Make changes in your life to do so. Have a change of heart and ¨"Be born of God" Mosiah 27:25. We all need to be focused on the temple. I know that temples give us power on Earth that lessens that of the adversary. It gives us strength in our families and in our relationships. Please if you have one, go to the temple. Make it a goal in your life. You will be blessed and I can promise you that. I am so grateful to have temples on this Earth today. I love my Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. They are Real. They love us and they are always there for us no matter what we have done. I love you all and I hope everything is going well :) I will talk to you all next week!! love you!!
Love Elder Welch :)
All of the following photos were sent to me from a new convert in Taylor's area, she is a good friend to the missionaries there and takes care of Elder Welch.  
We had a big basketball game and ate pizza for P-day last week. 

A refreshing snack from Rita a new convert and friend to all of the missionaries here.

A snack from Rita

Elder Welch with his companion Elder Riveria from Peru

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