Monday, May 25, 2015

Baptism and The Day of Independence

Hey guys!!!! 

Ahhh!!! This week has been great!!!! We had intercambios and my companion was from Brazil. We worked together for two days and it was so so fun:) It was great!!! We also used bikes so my legs were super tired:) But, anyway, It was amazing and we are even better friends than before:) As far as me looking tired, I'm fine. I'm sleeping great and everything really. We work hard. Idk what it is. I think it's just the mission life…. haha.
Anyway, today is the Day of Independence here in Argentina!! It has been great! We had a big party as a ward at the church and ate locro. Its like a soup. And I'm pretty sure it had cow stomach in it....haha I'm not sure :) anyway. It seriously was amazing. We had a party with dancing and everything. :)

The baptism last night was muyyyyyy muy lindo. Freaking capo. It honestly was so great and I felt the spirit so strongly :) The best part was when I looked up at Belens brother who was watching her get baptized and right as she came out of the water he just had the biggest smile and almost started crying. He is twelve, He's super cool:) I stood in the circle with my Companion and the Bishop to give him the Priesthood about a month ago! And that was pretty cool too.

I just want to tell you all that I am safe and I am in good hands. I want to tell you and testify that Heavenly Father hears you when you cry out to Him. You may not feel like it sometimes. It might take a while. But, He knows all things. He knows you personally and He knows what you are concerned about. His Son Jesus Christ suffered for the things in your life that are dark. He is there with you. He knows you. It isn't something we all just say, he literally is there and He knows exactly what you are going through. He wants to help, and He WILL help. Do what is right and Have faith in Him always. Persevarar hasta el fin. Endure to the end. There are hard times in our lives but we will get through them with our families friends, the Holy Ghost, God the Father, and His Son Jesus Christ. I Love you all and I am always here for you. :) I am not dead to the world. I am quite the opposite, I am living with it.  I am always thinking of you and I hope you never forget me ;) Because I will forever be with you all :) I love you and thanks for all of your prayers.
Love Elder Welch :)

Helping to bring in the Locro for the Ward Independence Day Party

The Locro

Chocolate treats-part of the celebration

Rita and President Alliaud Taylor's Mission President

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