Monday, May 11, 2015

Skype was so AMAZING!

Hey everyone!!!! 

My week has been yet again, very long and fast at the same time.  As I sit here it feels like I was just writing yall :)  anyway, yesterday was so so great because I got to talk to some of you on Skype! It was so AMAZING! :) Also, I dont have much time to write this letter so I will make it short.

My companion and I found a family about two days ago and asked them to come to our stake conference that we had yesterday. Anyway, we were walking down the street two days ago and we were looking for a family to contact. We came to this house with a girl sitting on a chair on the porch and we started talking to her. Then, her mom came up...then her sister...then her sister's children (Like three of them ) and then her own child. Haha They were a little uneasy at first and didn't really want to hear what we were saying. "Somos Catolica hasta la muerte." Haha..that's basically what they were saying. Anyway, long story short is that we asked if they wanted to hear a five minute message and then we´ll be on our way. So, they let us in and we just started talking. Sooner than we knew it, we had been there for 45 minutes talking about the gospel, laughing, and extended the invitation to go to church with us the next day. So,Sunday rolled around and I really didnt think that they weere going to come ten minutes after the meeting started we got a call and it was them!! They were out side of the capilla!! It was amazing. The meeting was so great for them. To our suprise Presidente Alliaud and his wife were there and they gave talks. Also, a member of the seventy was there as well. It was just an amazing meeting and it was perfect for them. Anyway, I hope to see them have the happiness in their lives and they can only get through the Gospel of Jesus Christ :)

Anyway, I love you all and I hope you all are great! I pray for you individualy each night and I love you and God loves you! You are all amazing! 

Love, Elder Welch
My new watch.

Choose The Right

Thanks Mom and Abby for my new Imagine Dragons shirt! I LOVE it!!!!

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