Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Skype

It was great to hear Taylor's voice. He has a lot of Faith! He is between English and Spanish and it is a little difficult for him right now. His companion speaks very little English. You can tell that they get along very well though in spite of the language barrier. The Church Members in Argentina are taking good care of him. He was sick when he called and the ladies of the house were giving him Mate ( a traditional hot herbal drink) and cough drops and ointments and herbs.  While he was talking to us they kept bringing him food and anything that they even thought that he might need. The photos are from a new convert that was at the house where he Skyped from. Since Sunday this sweet lady has sent me several photos and updates telling me not to worry and that he is feeling much better. I have fallen in love with the people of Argentina already, what a blessing it is know that he is in such good hands.
Getting ready for the call….

Taylor's companion talking with his family via Skype

Talking with Dad, Abby and Sydney in Heber City and Mom ( and the twins) in Washington State

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