Monday, April 20, 2015



Hey guys so I get to write again today.  Since Tuesday there has been a few things that have happened! First of all we got to host all of the new missionaries again! It was so fun! (again) except this time there was one Elder who made me cry a little bit! It was so sad to see him leave his family. It was his aunt and his cute little mom who you could tell loved her son so much. They gave a hug and both just started to cry. It was a very bitter sweet moment. However, I reassured the mom that we would take very good care of her son and that everything would be okay. After I said a few things like that she calmed down and said one final goodbye. This brought back a lot of memories of my 'drop off' day. The best thing was that it reminded me of you mom and dad.  You are seriously so amazing to me and I am going to tell you the same thing right now that I told that Elder's mom. I am in great hands and The Lord is with me, as I leave for Argentina in two days and throughout my mission just remember that. Also, remember that I love you all so very much! You are amazing! 

He got reassigned to Anaheim California, he says he would rather be going to Austalia right away, but he is super excited. And that his plane ride is shorter...for the moment ;) haha but yeah he's excited! 

Yes, three of the missionaries in my district are on the plane with me to Buenos Aires,  and 1 sister of those three is traveling from Buenos Aires (Where we land) to Cordoba with me.  

Tell Lori that our Branch Presidents name is President Goodman. (He is amazing and looks like Gordon B Hinkley :) ha ha ha

Mom and Dad, thank you so so much for all of that stuff!  I love the new I-pod and the one you sent before too! They work great! And thank you for the Peanut Butter! :) :) :) Oh!!! and I am doing so well on the weight on my Luggage so I don't think there is anything to worry about yet. :)  YES I found my calling card and I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!! We didn't make it to the store today to buy the phone cards before it closed and it doesn't open again till after we leave so its a miracle!! :) I love you so much and I'll call you from the airports.  

Oh!!! One more thing! The new district is here!! THey came Tuesday and me and Elder Bunnell welcomed them that night and gave them a tour of the campus. They are super cool and I'm glad I got to spend the little time I could with them. There are 5 Elders and 4 Sisters! Funny thing, the other day the sisters tried to guess my age and they thought I was twenty!!! ha ha! That was super funny! Anyway, that's all for now! I love you all and I am always praying for you!! 

Con Amor, Elder Jugo 

It is going to be hard to leave these guys!
To answer your question about how I feel as I get ready to leave to 
I am getting nervous but I know I can do this! :) 

Me and Elder Bunnell Eating Kangaroo Meat! (Getting him ready for Australia) ;) 

Another Sweater Weather kind a day. 

I'm going to miss these guys :/ But Its okay :) We're moving on to great things :) 

Mahh Sleeeeperzz:) Thanks Mama:) 

Us at Smiths.....Suuuuuper weird to be out in the real world haha!

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