Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hello Everyone! 

This week has been quite an eventful week! I'll try and keep it short. Our District leader went home on Tuesday because of some personal issues. he really missed his family and had some pretty bad anxiety. He prayed, fasted and prayed some more. The outcome was very sad to our district and our zone. However, just like the other Hermana that left we all know that God has His hand in all of our lives and we trust that this Elder made the decision he felt was right. 

After he left we had a lot of leadership changes in our zone. I am very happy to say that me and Elder Bunnell were called to serve as Zone leaders on Tuesday :) I was very surprised and very nervous at first. I know now that being in a leadership position really means nothing. The main point that we all need to know is that it is how we all work together as a family or in this case, district and zone. I am having a great time here...truly I don't just say that every e-mail or letter I send just to say it. My testimony, specifically of our Savior Jesus Christ has grown immensely. I really do stand on holy ground here and I am sad to leave it in 6 days. However, I am soooo excited :) I cant even express in words how excited I am to be in Argentina and get the chance to love the people there. 

I got the chance to teach a member of the church who lives in Argentina over a Skype call the other day. It was amazing!! She recently received her mission call to Sydney South Australia! The crazy thing is, is that that is my companion's mission! What a coincidence huh? Anyway, It was a super cool opportunity :)

Another thing that we got the chance to do is host the missionaries on Wednesday. So, I was the Elder who welcomed the missionaries while at the same time stole them from their families;) soooo...kinda a bitter sweet moment ;) Ha ha!  chiste! It was actually super super fun and me and Elder Bunnell signed our district up to do it again tomorrow so I am super excited about that too! Anyway, sorry this letter is so short. I wish I could tell you every second of everyday because this is truly a once in a lifetime experience. An experience only you yourself could enjoy if you were here in my shoes. So, once again whoever is reading this e-mail and thinking about serving a mission please, do it. 

Ummm I think my visa is going well. they haven't said anything about it. So, I guess no news is good news! Ha ha. Another missionary in my district however probably has to get re-assigned :/ His background check didn't go through I guess but, we got to go out of the MTC this week and we went to Smiths Because he needed a money order. So they sent us out in the real world ha ha,  it was soooo weird to be in Provo. Like…REAL Provo!  Ha ha! It was amazing!:) and super weird!

And yes, I am getting along with everyone! It's going to be so hard to say goodbye to everyone!! Like seriously...It was super hard to see the other district leave yesterday and today:( I really hope we can all see each other after the mish! Ha ha anyway, today Elder S and Hermana C showed up to our Temple session...it was amazing to see everyone together in the celestial room once again. It was great. Ummmm oh! Hermana C told me to tell you that you are the cutest because of what you sent her mom:) so that was cool :)  

Oh! and I got to see Grandpa again this morning! I gave him a big hug! It was the best thing ever:) I only saw Grandpa. Which kinda stinks for Grandma because she's told me in every letter that she has been looking for me every Tuesday since the first time I saw her! ha ha. But I just saw Grandpa walking back into the temple as we were just outside the doors taking pictures. We both saw each other and had huge smiles and gave each other a hug! :) It was the best thing especially since it was my last time at the temple!

Oh and Mom, Yes! I did get the photos and I LOVE them! ha ha! I am doing great Mom. I got your dear elder yesterday and I am here to tell you that I KNOW this is where I want to be so don't worry mom:) I am being honest. I do have some rough goes sometimes. But, it is nothing I cannot handle :) It really makes me sad that some Elders seriously cannot handle the stress here..... but it's okay. I have learned that when I have hard times I can just fall on my knees and the pain will go away. :) I love it. I am doing great though. :) I am so excited to leave, you have no idea! As zone leaders we had to go over the checklist for the other district that left yesterday morning and drop them off at the Travel office. When we were doing that I got so excited. 

Okay! ummmm….So what I need…...some tide pods, my oil vile, and I am good on money thanks to the good ol'  $$ egg hunts :)  I don't think I need anything else..but anyway thank you:) So what do you want to know? Questions? how have you been? I love your letters:) I loved the one you sent yesterday:)

I am going to call you on Monday by the way! Ha Ha!  If you didn't know that:) and I get to write you on Saturday again:) Perks of leaving the MTC:) I love you. I'll email you soon and hear your voice soon too! 

I love every single one of you guys so much! I pray for each of you everyday. I can feel your prayers and I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves us that much to answer them. Have an amazing week everyone and the next time I'll e-mail you I will be somewhere in Argentina!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Love, Elder Welch (Jugo) 

The Great Escape….:)

On our ride to Smiths...


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