Sunday, April 12, 2015

Conference, Vocal Point and my 1st haircut in the MTC

Hello everybody!!!

This week has been such an amazing week! I've just been doing the normal routine: 6:30 arise (unless we have service then arise at like 5:45) then class, breakfast, more class, teach investigators, lunch, personal study, companionship study, language study, gym!, dinner, more class, then more study time, and then bed! haha:) However, there were actually a lot of differences this week because of General Conference. We all watched it in "18M" which is our Gym/Devotional building. IT WAS AMAZING! The Spirit was soo strong. It was so cool to see all of those missionaries (including myself) in the same building trying to seek out answers to questions they had individualy through our beloved prophets and church leaders! I am so grateful to have such amazing people lead our church and care for each one of us. It was so funny, when President Monson announced the temples, there was like an uproar of excitment from all of us missionaries :) We are hastening the work and it is so exciting for us when we get to actually hear proof of it:) There were a lot of great talks but one really stood out to me. It was by Dale G. Renlund. "Twas I, but Tis not I." I LOVED this talk. He was very blunt, sweet, and to the point. I am so grateful that when we make make mistakes in our life, or feel guilt, shame, unworthy, or just not happy, we can exercise the Atonement and are able to say, "Twas I but Tis not I". Heavenly Father and Christ will "Remember your sins no more." Please. Please, everyone who is reading this letter remember; no matter what you have done, said, or felt, or are feeling now; if you pray, repent, be humble, and exercise the Atonement in your life, He will remember your sins NO MORE. This church is a hospital. Here to heal each one of us and each one of our personal illnesses, afflictions, and sins. I am so indescribably lucky to have been brought up and raised in this church by such amazing parents. I love you mom and dad, more than anything. You are the reason I am here today, thank you so much. This conference focused a lot on the importance of families and of marriage. You have provided me with that perfect example they talk about. I know how I want to raise my family and treat my wife. I have both of you to thank for that and I'm so happy and grateful to call you my mom and dad. 

Anyway, more about this week...mostly this weekend. Ha ha. We totally had a concert at the MTC!!! It was the acapella group from BYU, "Vocal Point". It was awesome!! It was so nice to have a break and just enjoy some music:) It felt so weird! Haha! Oh! and our district got front row seats because Hermana Baldwin knew someone that hooked us up! It was so fun! :) I tried to get a good picture but I dont think it came out too well because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to take pictures. So I took it really quick ;) 

Also, Me and Elder Bunnell's progressing Investigator is really doing well! We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he said that he'll start to obey it! The only thing he struggles with is he loves him some coffee. But, I testified to him that I know that with our help and most importantly Gods help he can stop. I told Him that know matter what Christ is right beside him and I know that he can do it. I love _______(Investigators name)! Whether he is a real investigator or not, I can feel the Spirit so strongly in each lesson. 

Lastly, I love every single one of you and thank you for all of your prayers and support. I loved this Easter. Thank you so much for sending me so much love...and candy;) haha I love all of you so dearly. My invitation to you is to think back on watching conference and remember what part you felt the Spirit the strongest. Me and my companion have started doing that after each lesson we teach and It really helps us recognize the voice of the Spirit. I love this mission and pray for each one of you everyday all day long. Thank you for everything. I will e-mail you next week! Hasta luego! 

Con Amor,

Elder Jugo Welch

Taylor's Temple Selfies…..I included them all because I miss that cute face. Every single photograph is a different expression that I would see at least a hundred times each day! I loved seeing them again and I thought a few of you might too. CA

My Easter!!!!:) I promise that it looked a lot better when we sent it…and there are fun and great things in with all of the paper! CA
Vocal Point



Got a haircut today!…….
…….and Had another picnic with my lovely District;) haha

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