Monday, June 15, 2015

Hey guys,

 I'm doing great! Really!My Spanish is better and I am a lot happier. Me and my comp are getting along a lot better now and yeah, it is just great.  This week was a pretty normal week! But none the less it was great!! My Spanish is really coming a long now and I love it. I'm finally dreaming in Spanish :) haha! I am having a great time here. Anyway, I hope everything is great! Everyone is either working or leaving for a fun family vacation ;) So I'll keep it short this week and try to send some photos. But, _____ is going to church each week now. Pray that she will have a desire to be baptized. She knows everythinbg is true. She is just having a hard time changing her religion due to tradition. But, I know she will be baptized. We have changed her life none the less and I love what she is becoming.
Anyway, I love you guys so much and I think and pray for you each and everyday. I can feel your prayers and your help I love you all! Have an amazing week!!! Oh!! And one other thing! I just found out that we are going to Cordoba tonight to do tramites! Paperwork for my being legal here in Argentina. I'm pretty dang excited for that!

Bye Guys!!
Love Elder Welch
Piles of meat and orange soda….life is good! 

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